Marketing via email isn’t an entirely new idea. Established brick and mortar companies also have stepped solidly into this avenue. This is why it’s difficult for small and mid-sized companies to be competitive and stay ahead of larger companies

The most appealing aspect of sending out emails is the fact that it’s cost-effective. It isn’t a huge investment, so businesses that are just starting out could also test it out without hesitation. There are some essential aspects regarding email marketing that beginners must be aware of, and an those who are experienced should continue practicing and observing it.These include:

Sign up and welcome email

If a person visits your site and expresses interest in your offerings and services by sign-up, it’s a good practice to send a “Thank you” and Welcome email to the person who signed up. Make sure to include your reverse email address as well as the opt-out link within your email. If you receive emails that don’t have the option to unsubscribe is an invasion of privacy without apologize. The frequency of emails and content require your keen attention. In the first email which is ‘Welcome Mail in the body, make clear the frequency you will be sending out emails 10, 10 days, each fortnight, once a month, etc. Also, in the “Welcome Email the frequency (say one per 15 days) you’ll send them as well as the subject or topic of subsequent emails.

Opt-in list

The use of inadequate contacts or outdated contacts, can be akin to inviting ISPs to ban you as spammers. Sending out unsolicited emails to those who have not given permission to send such mail is against the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, and you shouldn’t do it.


These ESPs as well as ISPs are extremely strict in ensuring that their clients are protected from receiving spam messages. For this reason, they have filters to prevent messages that are suspicious, do not conform to their guidelines and don’t have authenticated, etc. These names, IP addresses, as well as domains are logged under the “Black List’. When your name is blacklisted you can’t send emails to your targeted public until your name is removed from the blacklist. It could take up to three months. Therefore, it is always recommended to mail out emails to lists of opt-ins only.

Email deliverability

As spammers discover every method known to get into your inbox, ISPs and ESPs raise their security standards to be high and robust. But, the most vulnerable are marketing firms that send out emails to their opt-in lists but are suspect of being false positives because of offensive terms, phrases, or other features. The reason for this is that they do not send genuine messages to be able to reach their intended market. The ability to deliver emails is something that all marketers are trying to improve. As a marketer, you have to