If you’re a business looking to boost your Instagram following, there are some things

you need to keep in mind. First, make sure your photos and videos are high-quality.

This will help you attract more followers and increase engagement.

Also, be sure to use hashtags in your posts. This will help people find your content.


  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags are clickable keywords or phrases prefixed with the # symbol that help

categorize and organize content on Instagram. They also make it easier for people to

find your posts, increasing the chances of likes and comments. When choosing

hashtags for your posts, it’s important to choose ones that are relevant to your

audience and business. Using generic hashtags can result in your post getting lost

amongst other posts with similar content.


You can add hashtags to your caption or as the first comment on your post. Some

users prefer adding hashtags in the caption to increase visibility, while others opt for

placing them in the comment to maintain a clean aesthetic. You can also use a tool

like Sprout’s Instagram Analytics to track metrics and analyze how different hashtag

sets perform.


  1. Create a unique style and theme

Creating a unique and consistent aesthetic for your Instagram page is a great way to

stand out from the competition. Use an online tool like My Insta Palette to establish a

color palette and reference it whenever you create content for your feed.

This will help your followers recognize your brand on Instagram and keep them

engaged. It also helps if your branding is consistent across all social media



Some companies even take this a step further and run their Instagram page through

the company founder’s personal account. This strategy has been known to increase

brand recognition, follower counts and sales. It’s a win-win for both sides: the brand

gains visibility on Instagram while the influencer grows her own audience and drives

engagement on her page.


  1. Engage with your audience

A strong connection with your audience is vital to the success of your business on

Instagram. It’s important to engage with them as often as possible, such as

answering their comments or DMs. This will help to strengthen your brand and build

a sense of community.

You can also engage with your audience by running contests or a giveaway. This will

get your audience excited and engaged, which will lead to more followers. Just be

sure to follow Instagram’s promotion guidelines and any legal requirements in your



One of the best ways to engage with your audience is by using Instagram stories

and carousels. This type of post has been shown to increase engagement rates,

especially when used with a call-to-action in the caption.


  1. Invest in a quality camera

Investing in quality equipment can make all the difference in your Instagram

content. This will help to ensure that your followers are seeing high-quality images

and videos, which can lead to more engagement. This will also help to attract new

followers and grow your audience.For more info, do visit this websitetheytlab.


Another option is to use an Instagram growth service like Upleap, which promises to

bring in real followers and grow your account organically. This company uses a

number of methods, including account and hashtag targeting, follow/unfollow

automation, and dedicated account managers.


Be sure to research the different options available before making a decision. Look

for a company that has a good reputation and offers a refund policy in case you are

not satisfied with their services. Also, be sure to check out the price ranges of each

service to compare prices and quality.


  1. Create a compelling bio

Your Instagram bio is a chance to showcase your brand’s personality and tone of

voice. It can be playful, serious, or anything in between – just make sure that it

matches the rest of your online and offline copy to build trust with your audience.

With only 150 characters to work with, it’s important that your bio is crystal clear in

explaining what your business does and how you can help your target audience. For

example, paint brand Dulux does a great job of demonstrating their expertise

through a short but informative description in their Instagram bio.


The best Instagram bios also include a compelling call to action that drives profile

visitors to take the next step. Whether this is to shop products, download a freebie,

or sign up for an event, it’s crucial that your CTA aligns with the value you offer.